The Four Gospels

Gospel Behind the Gospels:Pre Markan Redaction
This is cross referenced on "historical Jesus pages" and "mythological Jesus" pages as "34 lost gospels." It also illustrates that the canoncial mateial was around and transmitted for a long time before the canonical gospels were written.

Community as Author

Discussion of the argument that we need not know the names of the indivudal four authors since the whole community itself is the author, and the contined eye witnesses to the events of Jesus' life.

This page deals with the seeming mistakes matt makes in quoting the OT, and with Q saying source.


this page discusses the alledged mistakes in Mark, not very Jewish, geogrpahical mistakes; the idea of a per Markan redaction copy of Mark the Ur Mark.

Examination of the authorship and historicity of Luke, especially, archaeological accruacy, the slaughter of the innocents and the census.


The Jewish nature of John's Gosple, the Johannine community,and the eye witness quality.

The Pauline Connection

Discussion of Paul's works in light of the Jesus Myther claim that he did not believe in Flesh and blood Christ and has mytery cult and Gnostic overtones.

The Religious A priori