The Religious A priori

Argument from Arbitrary Necessity


Let PAS = Putative state of affairs

Necessity: = That which does not depend upon anything else for its existence, that which cannot fail to exist or cease to exist. Please note: this is not logical necessity alone but ontological or metaphysical necessity.

Arbitrary Necessity: The attempt to equate a contingency with a necessity in terms of ontological function; or the imputation of ultimate origin to a purely arbitrary convention. (Note: AN's are to be regarded as impossibilities by virtue of their absurd contradictory nature).

Contingency: = That which must depend for its existence upon the prior of existence of some higher thing, that which can fail or cease to exist.(Note: these two aspects, fail/cease--either one or both--and dependence, are linked since in most cases the reason for failing or ceasing is due to dependence upon prior state, condition, cause or source).

Existent = A Thing which exists

UEO = Ultimate Eternal Origin: The "final cause" or what stands in place of a final cause, the ultimate origin of all things which is the upshot of the argument; this is neutral term which may or may not imply God.


(1) All naturalistic phenomena is contingent

(2) Contingencies are contingently predicated upon necessities.


(3) Attributing the ultimate origin of the universe to naturalistic phenomena is merely an arbitrary necessity, which is to say, a logical contradiction; conversely, the true ultimate origin must be eternal necessary being.

The alternative to contingency is necessity. The ultimate origin has to be eternal, or it must start from nothing. I argue in God argument 1 that this is impossible. Thus, the ultimate origin must be eternal and necessary, therefore, since it is the foundation of all being, it is eternal necessary being.
Eternal necessary being is synonymous with God is a unique way; that is, it coincides with qualities that God possessed uniquely and cannot share with anyone or anything else. Thus to be Eternal necessary being is to be God! Thus God exits, QED! (the qualities of which are speak or eternality and logical and ontological necessity).

The Religious A priori