my summary of the nature of Bible: agree?

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Re: my summary of the nature of Bible: agree?

Post by Metacrock » Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:37 am

KR Wordgazer wrote:I think I will say we are in agreement-- if you agree that the writings themselves are engendered by, and in a sense part of, the divine encounter-- and not solely the human's thoughts about the encounter after the fact.

You see, I believe that in some sense God guided what got written down, even though what was written was subject to the understanding and cultural concepts/limitations of the human doing the writing. Do you agree? Or do you believe only the words that are introduced with "thus says the Lord" can be considered in any sense to be divine communication?
I agree. Not that every word is dictated by God but the overall force of what is written and in some cases the actual words.
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