20 questions

Discuss arguments for existence of God and faith in general. Any aspect of any orientation toward religion/spirituality, as long as it is based upon a positive open to other people attitude.

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Re: 20 questions

Post by met » Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:31 pm

:D :D :D oh, I know you read my posts ... &'with bated breath' too! :o

No, j/k....but, someday, I would like to see what you actually wrote about all that Malabouan stuff I was mucking about with in my vain and feeble effort at a more original PoE "response" on Meta's blog, btw...
The “One” is the space of the “world” of the tick, but also the “pinch” of the lobster, or that rendezvous in person to confirm online pictures (with a new lover or an old God). This is the machinery operative...as “onto-theology."
Dr Ward Blanton

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