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logic lesson

Post by Metacrock » Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:11 pm

this guy is hasseling me because I quoted a bunch of Rabbis and Jeiwsh thinkers (such as Martin Bubber) who say Jesus was a good Jew and great moral teacher and all this. this guy's brilliance has led him to think that Jesus was a bad guy. that's so deeply insightful. he finds the global figure of goodness to be evil and he can't see the importance of a bunch of Jewish thinkers and religious experts saying he's a good Jew.

He decides this is appeal to authority. I say no, appeal to authority is when you quote authoirty that is not expert and it's only reason for being quoted is that ti has some of sort of authority, but that doesn't apply to the case. It is not appeal to authority but expert testimony.

Now he does two things.

(1) He produces a quote about Mohamid by Ghandi saying that M was good guy.

this is supposed to prove that it means nothing to quote someone saying someone else is good. because obviously I have to think Mohamid is bad right? I'm a Christian so I have to think that. I"m just duty bound in his little warped hate filled mind.

(2) he quotes a quote that appeal to experts can be wrong so a fallacy.

experts can be wrong, but that doesn't make it a fallacy to quote them. it just initiates a sub argument about the experts.

so now we have to argue about the expert testimony thing. I piont out that his argument is actually argument form analogy because he's making analogoy argument to say:

figure Gandhi lauds mohamid and Mohamid is bad.

therefore, quoting good people about who is good is meaningless

therefore, these rabbis can' say Jesus is a good Jew.

I point out two things, argument from analogy and the related black is white slide fallacy. but he can't let go. He's just got to prove this fallacy on my part. he spends the rest of the day making the lamest and most idiotic arguments.

this other litle troll "AM" a recent turn coat has to jump in. well it is not argument from authority it must be argument from popularity. I said its' culturally illiterate not ot know that Jesus is the symbol of the good man in Western culture. and she has to psend the rest of the day trying to prove that appeal to cultural literacy is an appeal to popularity.

as it turns out she tries to insult my thinking by making the need for logic books and rules of logic into some sort of remedial help that she doesn't need. Its' only the illogical person who had to refer to logic text books and rules of logic.

so if you let atheists mess with thins they will turn black into white and good into evil and logic into fallacy and fallacy into logic.
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