On God And Hi Providence-Zarovian

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Re: On God And Hi Providence-Zarovian

Post by ZAROVE » Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:46 pm

It is unreasonable to me simply because I think God does not exist.

But those who beleive in God ar enot unreasonable. Therefore you should rather exepct talk of od form them.

Truth is a human idea involving logic and language,

No, its not. Truth is what is , well, true. Truth is acutlaly independant of Humanity, and is not an idea at all. Truth is simply that which is a reality.

The existance of the moon is a truth, which woudl be true regardless of Humanity ever existing to see it.

love is instincts from our mammalian ancestry,

Birds feel love. Its not Mammalian.

That said, Love is a Universal aspect int he Universe common to all living things.

It snot somethign that evolved, only our understabding of it did.

Love is care or concern for soemthing or soemone.

and both of these have come into existence without the involvement of a supernatural personality.

Can you prove this? Keep in mind, I'm not one to use the term Supernatural to begin with and hold to a Natruistic theology. (Hence, Angels are nto described as "Supernatural" nor are Miracles.)

When someone says something true about love, we're dealing with human ideas about human instincts. I hope this answers your question

You are , I'm afraid, mistaken.

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