for Lacanuck, answer on PLantinga

Discuss arguments for existence of God and faith in general. Any aspect of any orientation toward religion/spirituality, as long as it is based upon a positive open to other people attitude.


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for Lacanuck, answer on PLantinga

Post by Metacrock » Thu Mar 13, 2008 7:41 pm

In answer to your argument on PLantinga. I emailed him and ask if he meant to say that rational warrant has to be absolutely proven, of he means that it is a truth claim but not necessarily one that must be absolutely proven to rationally warrant belief. here is his answer.
I say the warrant of belief in Godd and in thee great things of the gospel is not independent of truth: these beliefs are warranted if and only if they are true.

But I don't say that these beliefs, to be warranted, have to be proven. I take it they are like perception and memory: you can't give non-question-begging arguments for perceptual beliefs, or memory beliefs, but they can still ahve warrant. I'd say he same for theistic and Christian beliefs.


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