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news sources

Post by Metacrock » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:08 am

Original statmemt by lbieral friend:
Why do Trump republicans limit themselves to poor news outlets like Fox and Breibart and not check out other outlets with better information? I get my information from a variety of sources. Everytime a trump republican tells me something I either already know it is not true, or I check different sources and find out it is not true. I have never gotten correct information from a trump republican. I am not saying there aren't some bad liberal sources out there, but I am in the process of figuring out who they are. At least I try to figure out who the bad liberal sources are, but the trump republicans are just believing Breibart and Fox and not trying to find out if what they say is the truth. And yes there liberal sources that misrepresent the truth as much as Breitbart and fox.
Answer by ;right winger:
In what you have written, replace 'republican' with 'democrat', 'liberal sources' with 'conservative sources', etc. and check out the 'alternative sources' that are under pressure to be shut down by both sides. Politics is a freakin' mess on both sides of the border b/c they are not what they appear to be. All to create opposition within. Idolization of Obama, Cliinton, Trump, Trudeau, etc. is the exact distraction required to usher the sheeple into the trap for global thinking.
My answer:
Maureen that is wrong, You think sources are the same I've written many essays on this point. Not one of the right wing sources talked about matches the awards or length of publication of my major source the New york Times (over 100 years in publication). NYT has a light liberal bias but Breibart is a racist rag, It;s "at right and white nationalism those are euphemisms for the new racism. Are you a racist? Do you really think racist source are just innocently looking at the facts in just wee bit of a different way? The assumption you are making about these sources is completely groundless. It's a difference I can prove. I've read the study that proves that trump's revocation of region coal fired plants will kill 13,000 people a year. Show me that kind of background in your fascist rags. Hanity and his ilk are just fascist propaganda.
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