Imposing our values on God and Science

Discuss arguments for existence of God and faith in general. Any aspect of any orientation toward religion/spirituality, as long as it is based upon a positive open to other people attitude.


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Imposing our values on God and Science

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Two studies seem to suggest that Christians project their own social values onto God. Nicholas Epley fins that:This has led some atheists on message boards to advance these studies as proof of the illogical nature of Christianity. It reinforces the atheist's idea that if God did exist it would be impossible to understand what he wants. "So why should atheists (or anyone, for that matter) take theists seriously when theists talk about what God is like, what God wants, what God commands, etc., if theist's are just unconsciously using God as a sound-board for their own positions?." Bit dpesn't it really show the impossibility of not doing this?
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