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new old tv shows

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:31 am
by Metacrock
I have been exploring old tv shows I've never heard of frm 50s and early 60s.I have found a bunch and many of then Li really like.

to favorotesI remember from chiildhod,we erally liked these as little kids, reallittle, but did not remember much about them, watching themnnow we had great tastes theywere wonderful:

Brokem arrow, starrkngMimchel Amsara played klingon commander everyone liked,Kang,

Whirly birds,

Rip Cord (starred Ken Curtis Festus on gun smoke).

Hawaiian eye, starred wild wild west guy Robert Conrad.

One's i've never heard of

Law o the plansman (Michael Ansara)
Black Saddle (co starred Russell Johnson, "the Rest" (professor on Gilligans island)


Man with a camera

Hawkeye, starrkmng john Heart the other lone ranger