42 Arguments:
Prima Facie Warrants for God Belief

These are not "proofs" they do not argue for God's "existence." The are rational warrants for belief which offer a prima facie justification. Please read the prolegomena pages first, "as they contain important concepts that one must have to understand many of the arguments, including my definition of God.

prolegomena pages

How I define God: God is ultimate reality; which just happens to be eternal consciousness motivated to produce beings as an expression of the nature of being.

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1.Being Has to Be:
or Eternal Necessary Being

2.Everything Has to have a ReasonNEW!

3. Fire in the Equations

4. Fine Tuning (2 Pages)

5. From Religious Instinct (3 pages)

6. From Religious a priori

7. From Mystical experience, (3 pages)

8. Thomas Reid Argument, (2 pages)

9. Argument from the Sublime

10.Existential Argument.

11. Feeling of Utter Dependence"

12. Hartshorne's Modal Argument(ontological)

13 From Perfection.

14. Plantinga's Possible Worlds

15. Reity

16. Transcendental Signifier

17. Tillich's Ground of Being.revized version

18. Metacrock's Version of Ground of Being.revised version

19.Reverse Quantum

20. Garrett's Argument from Logical Necessity.

21. Argument from Consciousness.(3 pages)(Revised)

22.Moral Argument.

23.Argument from Moral Judgment and Abstract Values.

24. The Berkeley_Goswami Argument.(Revised)

25. Argument From Temporal Begining.

26. Eligance of God hypothesis.

27. Hartshorne's Deep Empiricism.

28. Near Death Experience.

29. Why anything at all?

30.Positive Epistemic Status.

31.Argument from Cosmological Necessity

32. Argument From Induction.

33. Rejection of Universal Skepticism.

34. Hick's Argument from Personal Origin.

35. Materialism Vanishes (2 pages).

36.Argument from Logical Necessity

37.God Pod


39.Argument from Arbitrary necessity

40.Modes of being

41. Cumulative Case.

42.Koon's Cosmological Argument.

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The Religious A priori